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Unlike many African countries, Madagascar has a diverse span of things to see. There are mountains, beatiful coasts, and dense forests full of unique wild animals. Below are a few tourist destinations that everyone should see.
Many of the things to do in Madagascar are sight-seeing trips or hikes and bike rides. The picture to the right shows a canoe. Many tourists prefer to see the Indian Ocean a little closer and opt for this trip. There are many facinating fish to see around Madagascar.
Some tourists love to see how the people live and work. They can go see the rolling hills and farms. The people are generally friendly and have many intresting fadys, or local taboos.
Most tourists will feel the need to be a part of the hustle and bustle again. The right place to go when you feel this is the capitol, Antananarivo. (Tana) There is a district named Analakely where there are many permanent street vendors. Since the exchange rate is so good, you will be sure to gain special souveniers at a reasonable price! To the south west is Kianja ny Fahaleovantena where there are a few nightclubs and restaurants. Not far from there are churches and former royal buildings. A little farther up the road you can see the ruins of Rova, the former queen's palace. To the north-east of Tana is the Andravoahangy Market where there are many little shops to look at and you can see how skilled they are as they perfrom their art before you.
Other activities that are growing in popularity are whale watching, diving, snorkeling, and cycling. A very popular thing to do is to go bike riding. You could ride a mountain bike, or you could drive a motorcycle from city to city and see all the country roads and sights.