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Backgrounds for you!!!
I hope yoiu enjoy these backgrounds!! To put them on your site, just write anywhere on your site!! If you have any other html questions, please feel free to e-mail me at or go to Funky Chickens Hope this helps!! Please note that the following b/gs are not made by me and you do not have to e-mail me telling you took them. However, if one of these is yours and you would like me to take the link down, please e-mail me!! Thanks!!

Pretty Stardust
Pink Bubbles!
Blue Clouds
Space Stars
Moving Blue Stars
Purple Dots
Hawaiian Flowers
Stawberries and Stars
Blue Stripes
Color Changing Moving Stars
Blue Stars
Pink and Purple Stars
Moving Popcicles
Colorful Stars
Blinking Stars
Pretty Snowflakes
Peach background w/yellow stars
Rainbow Stripes
Pastel Blue Stars
Green/Purple/Blue Stipes
Small Snowflake Sparkles
Very Cute Pink Plaid
Pink Polka Dots
Pink Leopard
Elegant Stars and Stripes
Pink Swirlz
Thanks a lot to this site, I got some b/gs from