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If you haven't been to my website in a while (shame shame!!) Then you might want to know what I have done lately, so I have graced you with the honor of being able to see what I have done!!! I will copy-paste my updates on this page. I like to include stuff about my life sometimes. (Sorry If I bore you, but I can bet 20 bucks that I would think your life is just as boring!! lol!) Ok well, anyways, now that I'm just rambling on and on, ou might want to just read more rambling below!!!! hee hee!!! ~ <3 Ashley

**Dec 14- Ok yall, This is realy sad- I haven't been on the net for my website in 6 days!! I wanted to keep this one running for a long time. I'm going to be updating a lot in about a week b/c It will be Christmas holidays!!! I am so happy!! No school for 2 weeks!!! I just went out and bought a ton of clothes (from my grandma)and my family is getting a home entertainment system for Christmas. YAY!! Finally, we're going to have a DVD player! I get to watch Monty Python and the Holy Grail on DVD! It has lots of extras in it. Ok well, I really need to go eat dinner, so I'll update again tomorrow.
**Dec 8- [updated:Cliques- Achoo and When Trees Attack- these are the funniest ideas for cliques!!] Exam finals are in a week, so don't expect an update every single day. My reviews are required and are like 10 pgs each!! I'm exempting English 2 GT and Spanish 3. I still have to do the reviews! Blah!! My dance evaluation is in two days, and I haven't made up the whole dance yet!! These next two wks are going to be SO hectic!!Please feel free to e-mail me w/any comments on my page! Thanx!!
**Dec 7- [Updated: Cliques(joined Muppet Love!! I <3 Beaker!) and now]Ok, I want to go watch the Matrix on TV so I'll only say a few things. The fight b/t my friends was solved. One of them was just totally out of it yesterday. Our dance is getting pretty good, but it needs a lot of work. I don't know If I'll be on much tomorrow b/c my grandma is taking me to the mall to buy clothes- part of my christmas presents. I'm going to get so much stuff! If anyone has gotten the new Creed Cd, please tell me, I want to know if it's good or not. Ok, I think I've done enough talking, Bye!
**Dec 6- [updated: now, cliques(joined the Disney one, It's so cute!!) and added a few graphics] hey eveyone!! Today was a bad day. A couple of my dance friends are getting in a big fight. I hope they make up soon b/c we can't get our choreography project done!! Ok, well I want to forget it for now so whatever. If you have a clique, I would ove to join it!! Please use the feed back form below "More Content." Thank You! Luv ya!
**Dec 5- [Changed cliques page to tripod- I can upload them now!!]I have to go to dinner, so I can only update a few things. By the way, the hot sub wasn't here today, oh well. ummm. i gtg. I'll talk to yall later!!
**Dec. 4-[updated: now] Hi People! I added the scrolling thing at the last bar thing on this window. I added the button below the "More Content" also. Please use this to send me coments. You can still e-mail me, but it's there for your use. Ummmm, I'm not sure what else to say. Oh yeah, in chemistry today, we had this really hot substitute. When he said that he might be our sub for the rest of the week, all the girls said "yes!" It was SO funny! You could tell he was really embarresed! He looked even hotter when he blushed! Ok well, I'm over that now, (not really, but oh well) :o) Please take a poll on my poll page, It would be very helpful! I think I'm finished talking now. bye!!
**Dec 3- [updated: now, desktop, christmas wish list]Ok, I can't do much today, b/c I need to write out a dance routine, but i'll say a liitle about my day: Today it totally felt like it was supposed to be Saturday. I did not want to go to school! I'm in dance class in school, and we're doing choreography right now. That's where you make up a dance yourself. My group is so cool. I think ours is one of the best dances in the class. I hope we make it into the show in the spring. Ok, well I need to get back to writing out the routine. bye! :o)
**Dec. 2- [updated: Now, & polls]Today I went to church, then to Best buy to make a Christmas Wish List. You can read it Here. Then we went to this store and bought a Christmas tree. My mom just put it up(nothing on it yet, just the tree)and it looks so pretty!! I love X-mas! I hope y'all have a merry X-mas!! Tomorrow is school, blah :o( We only have like two weeks to learn everything for finals!! This year is going by so fast!! So is my time, so I got to say Bye
**December 1- [updated: me, right NOW, polls, and fun dates & b-days!]Today is my mom's b-day!! My family gave her a big fancy clock and a trip to a historic homes tour(she loves old houses)We are going out to some fancy restaurant for dinner w/my whole family tomorrow. I hope she enjoys it. My birthday is coming up soon too, in February. I can't believe Christmas is only 24 days away!! YAY!! I was trying to make a wish list last night, but I couldn't remember everything. I really want the new Creed cd. If you have it, could you email me and tell me if it was good? I would appriciate that. Ok, I think I've been talking too much. I'll talk to y'all tomorrow!!
**Nov 31- Arg!! Finals are coming up and I am so not prepared!! I might not be updating as often, but come by at least once a week for some new stuff! I hope y'all are enjoying Tripod as much as I am. I can do really cool html, like the "Have a nice day" floating around your cursor right now. Please take some of my polls, It's a new feature!!
**Nov 28-Yay!! I finally got a website somewhere other than expages!! I hope yall enjoy it and tell me if I need to add stuff! Bye!
**Nov 25-I'm back from the farm! yum! I love turkey. I've updated the upcoming dates!