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oOo Ashley's Bubble Main oOo
The Bubble People
This is the legend of... The Bubble People! (dum dum duuuuum erie music in the background)In a deep dark forest, a little angel sat and wondered...
What would the people of Ashley's bubble look like? Then the sound of Ashley spoke "Like bubbles... duh!!!! lol!" So then a whole bunch of little bubbles appeared. And they looked like bubbles as Ashley had said, but with all different bubble looking looks. One was a tomato.
And there were many others. That is the end of the story, now look at the bubbles!!!!! :o) I love them!!
A bubble in her bath I'm a CheerleaderA Bubble's homePlaying BasketballLook at the pretty flower!Making a letter for youStars are everywhere! (I wish they were Brad Pitt and Heath Ledger!!)Dance to the musicI'm a monkey! Woo HooUp... and Down....Meow!!J.U.M.P...R.O.P.E