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Dangers and Concerns in Madagascar

Trees are being destroyed right now.
Who would want the beautiful rainforest to be cut down?
Think about the LEMURS!!! (and other animals)
Trees are being cut down at alarmingly high rates and it's happening world wide right now! Below are a few pictures of the landscape in Madagascar, which has lost nearly 75% of it's natural growth from farmers and industrial companies.
These are some baobab trees!!

Madagascar has over 10,000 species of plants with more being discovered daily. Wouldn't you love to be the discoverer of a new plant on your next vacation?You might not get to see the many plants and animals beause these are being destroyed.
The folowing have contributed to the awareness of this misfortune and need your help. Please feel free to visit the folowing to support the environment and Earth!!!
The African Bird Club
The Consortium for International Earth Science Information Network

TheWorld Wildlife Fund