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The Environment of Madagascar
I'm a birdie!

The Environment consists of the people and the outside surroundings. The people are a combination of several different cultures and were vitually unchanged until the Europeans invaded their territory and introduced new things to them. After humans arrived, about 2,000 years ago, it took only 1,000 years to drive about 24 of the many unique species extinct. Some say however, Madagascar is really the land that time forgot because of the enormous amount of unchanged animal and plant species. Some have stayed the same for thousands of years! These animals are what mainly attracts tourists. Below is some iformation on the animals and peple of Madagascar. If you would like to know about what's happening to this environment, please go Here.

The Animals and Plants of Madagascar

Madagascar is widely considered a mini continent that has many different habitats. The International Conservation Community named it as one of the most ecologically rich countries on earth! Madagascar has nearly one-quarter of all the flowering plants in Africa, 90 percent of the world's known Lemur species, and half of the world's chameleons are found here! This rich ecology is added to by the widely different types of plants like baobab trees and cacti.
As I have said, Lemurs are very common in Madagascar.The lemur is only one of the many animals located in Madagascar, but one that is the most focused on. Lemurs are found in almost every type of climate in Madagascar, including the very hot northern tip. They cannot survive in deforested areas though, which are becoming increasingly larger. They range in size from a mouse lemur to a gentle lemur , which is the size of a house cat. Because of the destruction of their habitat, their numbers are slowly dwindling.

I'm a lazy lemur!Hee hee wouldn't I look funny with an afro?
Besides the lemur, there are many other animals. The ones pictured above are the frog and a type of Boa. Many of the animal species located in Madagascar have not been near humans long enough to gain their habits. For example, the normal hen nowadays runs into the coop when it starts to rain. Of course, there weren't any chicken houses when humans weren't around, so how did they protect thamselves? the little chicks hid underneath their mothers. Below, you are not seeing a chicken with 10 legs, that's little chickies!! (How sweet)
I'm not a monster!!
The People of Madagascar

The people of this region are of many cultures and speak Malagasy. Below are some words from the Malagasy language!
Hello -- Manao ahoana
I'm hungry -- Noana aho
I'm thirsty -- Mangetaheta aho
I'm tired -- Vizako aho
Where is -- Aiza
Road --Lalana
Village -- Vohitra
River -- Ony
How much? -- Ohatrinona
Go away! -- Mandehana!
Thank you -- Misaotra
Goodbye -- Veloma
Words provided by:Air Madagascar
This language has been spoken for centuries and is a mix of Indonesian, African, and Arabic elements, like the people who speak it.