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Sorry about the mess, but you need to open this screen all the way to make all of the site visible, I'll try to work that out. HTML is kinda annoying!!!
Welcome to my webpage! IM me: ashleysbubble789 I hope you like my website, I transferred from expages- isn't this so much better?? I would love it if you went to my clique, Don't Stop Dancing Thanks a lot!!

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    Blog Archive

    May 24, 2003
    Hello!! I was looking at all my old sites and came across this one! I sure did put a lot of work into it! I'm glad that people still come here even though the last update I had was a full year ago! Wow!! well, I'm happy to announce I've moved on to better things. I've made a new website Ash's Bubble I think it's much nicer and I made my own layout! I have adobe photoshop now and I can make all sorts of stuff!! I'm currently obsessed with Lord of the Rings hehe :) Please visit and sign the guestbok there. I hope you've enjoyed your time at this site, although my new one has much more to offer ;-) I won't update this page again, so sorry for any broken images, they will stay, I'm busy with my new site now ;) Have a good stay!

    May 18 2002- Hey y'all! I won't be updating for about 3 weeks because I am moving and I don't know when I'll get the internet swapped to my new house. I gtg pack now, bye!!
    May 17- Just ignore the dates in this box. I've been updating quite a bit, but I never remember to write it here. sorry!! Well Today I updated some on my Site Fights spirit page. I found out that my dance teacher won 't be coming back next year! :o( I hope we will still have a dance club. I've put that subpage of my website on hold for now. You can still view what I've been working on here. Well, I gtg. I'll try to update this box soon!!
    April 23- Hey! I haven't been able to do much for this site in about a week. I've been working on a subpage/website. Our school won't allow us to have a dance club(see My Goal in this page)so I've decided to do something about it. I'm making this website so the principal can see how dedicated I am to dance and our school. All the links aren't up yet, but some are. I meed to do some more research and post it up there. Go see how I'm doing and tell me what I should fix please! You can see it HERE! I'm stil in the Grande Finale for TSF, please vote for me by clicking on the banner below. Thanks a lot! love, Ashley
    April 8- Hi everyone!!! Thanks so much for voting for me!!! I was moved up the the grand finale' of Guenivere and Lancelot's Forest!!! YAY!!!! I am so happy!! My teammates are throwing me a party!!! Go see my guestbook on my Site Fights page and you will see! Isn't that so sweet!! Eileen requested it. ::hugs:: You can visit her site here. Thankies!! :o) I hope you enjoy your stay at my site and have a bubbly time!!
    April 4- Hi!! Ok, I've just about given up on updating this box! lol! Do you like my new entrance page? If you haven't seen it, you can go here to see it. I love that painting!! :o) Thanks again for TSF support!! I won the spirit award for Tuesday!! I am so happy! I'll probably be staying in the Semi Finals in my team through next week. I'll be wanting more supporters, so just e-mail me!! You don't even have to be in TSF. I'll vote for anything you are in everyday, if you will vote once a day for me!! Sounds great right? Like I said earlier, just e-mail me!! Show your spirit in the Site Fights(If you r in them) and have a great day!!
    Mar 23- I added the English help thing 2 days ago, but didn't write it here. Oh well. I moved on to the semi ring for next week! Yay! Please vote for me! The link is below! I joined the Open Door Topsite list also. You can vote for me Here!Thanks a lot. I hope the AP English thing will be help for some of you! If you would like to donate an essay of yours, please e-mail me! I have the no right-click on, so it won't be copied. A good essay can inspire people and give them ideas for their own. I will soon be including good essay writing tips. I got this subpage idea b/c I realized that I could never find a good topic to write about on my essays. I had to search the web so much to find a hint of a good topic. So, I decided to start the subpage. I gtg now, bye!!
    Mar 18- Arg! I'm so mad that I haven't been updating this at all! I've been working a lot on the Site Fights. By the way, there is a link below to the voting page. (hint hint...) I updated the Top ten and a few little things. I finished that stupid essay(Thank God!!) and I think it's pretty good. I decided I'll start a page with refrences that I use and maybe my papers, so that people who need help may be helped. The link will be but I'm in the process of making it, so it's not up yet! Isaw Ice Age 2 times this past weekend! It's SO funny!! It was cute! I loved Sid and Scrat the most!! Sid is hilarious!! I think I might make a subpage for it. What do you think? I'd love to VE with you, just leave your info in the guestbook. Preferably the one on my spirit page. I gtg now, so bye :o)
    Mar 13- Yay so far I'm doing good in TSF!! I'm so happy!! It takes SO much work though!! I've had a bubble made for me, and you can see it on my spirit page! I have to write an essay on a book for the rest of spring Break so I might not be able to update this blog, but I'll be updating the subpages! Please go vote for me in TSF, you don't have to be a part of it or anything! I'd really appreciate it! I saw The Lord of the Rings today. It was a good movie! I'm surprised it's still in the movie theaters! I waited so long to see it. I didn't know if I would like it, and I did. I can't wait until the next ones come out! I better go do my vote exchanges, Bye!!
    Mar 10- I updated my site fight spirit page a lot today. I hope y'all like it! I woke up at 1 yesterday and I couldn't do much b/c I was busy for the rest of the day. Sorry about that! Today's church lesson was great! It was about spiritual gifts (speaking of spirit lol!) I learned where my weaknessess were and what I'm good at. My best quality was giving and service/helping. We took a little survey thingy, and that's how I found out. I can't believe I was accepted in the Site Fights! I'm so happy! It's not that hard to get in, but it's quite an accomplishment for myself! I would really love it if you voted for me! The link is down below where it says vote for me in Guenivere & Lancelot's Forest. Or, you can click right here! You can't vote on Sundays or Saturdays, so come back tomorrow!! I need to go now, so Bye!!! :o)
    Mar 9- YAY! I was approved for the Site Fights!! I can only stay on the internet for 5 min, so this was all I could write! Sorry! (Happy Spring Break!) :o)
    Mar 7- Please sign the guestbook! It's down below! I hope I get accepted into the Site Fights! I really want to win some awards. I made a spirit page yesterday, you can click the link to your right at the top to see it. It's really bad b/c I just started it, but oh well! I hope y'all had a nice day! I need to get off the computer now, but I'll talk more tomorrow b/c it's the start of...... SPRING BREAK!!! Ok, well, Bye :o)
    Mar 4- Hey everyone, Vote for me in Tara's Top Sites Thanks!!Today was a petty good day. I updated the weekly top ten b/c I forgot to yesterday. Hi Elise if you are reading this!!! I love this week's top ten. It took me a while to find a good one. It's very intresting. If you don't have any idea what I'm talking about, look at the marquee below. It's the sleepiest animals! I love to sleep! I wish I could sleep a lot more, but school is crappy and starts at 7 :( Anyways, I gtg now, bye!! :o)
    March 3- Ok, this moving thing is SO annoying!! There is so much cleaning and boxes and painting and removing wood floors and a whole bunch of BORING things!! I can't wait until we move into our new house! I think I'm going to do a French-themed room. That would be so cool! Anyways, I have been updating my site just not writing it down here. I added some cute backgrounds to some subpages because they were too boring. Go see! I added some links also. I can't wait for Spring Break!!! No school for an entire week is the bast ever!! I'm not really doing much, just packing and hanging out w/friends. Well, I gtg in a little while, so I better update some things! Bye :o)
    Feb 26- Hey everybody!! I found a dancer clique!! Finally! You can visit it here. Yay! I hope I get accepted!! Ummm I really can't spend much time on the internet today because I have a Chemistry test tomorrow, but I'll update a few things!! I gtg work on it now, bye! :o)
    Finally you can look at my blog

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    3/10: Most Endangered Mammals [Estimated #]: 1. *Tasmanian wolf [?]and *Halcon fruit bat[?]and *Ghana fat mouse [?] *These 3 have not been seen for years and may be extinct* 4. Javan rhinoceros [50] 5. Iriomote cat [60] 6. Black lion tamarin [130] 7. Pygmy hog [150] 8. Kouprey [100-200] 9. Tamaraw [200] 10. Indus dolphin [400] Hope you enjoyed this week's top ten!!

    It's the Count of Monte Cristo!! I loved this movie!
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