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Days until my Birthday!!!
  • This is all about ME! (everyone claps) Well, I figured you wanted to know the genious behind the website. So, i will tell you a bit about myself. My name is Ashley and I am 15 yrs. old. I live in Katy, Texas. It's right outside Houston. I've lived here since I was about 2 1/2.
  • I was born in Toronto Canada. It's so pretty up there in the summer!! My dad's side of the family lives there so we visit them about once every 2 yrs. Here it is SO hot!! It's normally in the 90's in the spring, summer, and fall. That's why I don't get why the mags always put coats in their back to school issue. We go Back to school Aug. 15, and it's 100 degrees ouside!!! Oh well. We can wear shorts about 9 months out of the year! But I want to move somewhere nice and cool with NO humidity. I hate humidity. It's so gross and sticky!!
  • Anyways, I have one brother, who is a annoying pest, and I used to have a cokatiel bird, but she died. I don't like dogs. They always slobber! I love birds. They r so pretty!
  • I go to Kingsland Baptist Church. They have a great youth group there. If anyone isn't a Christian, e-mail me. I'll tell you how great it is! I go to Katy High School. Our football team is the State Champions!!!!
  • My Hobbies: I like to read, play the violin, swim, work on this web site, going to the mall and buying lots of clothes(I don't ever get to do this, I just would like to:o) ), listening to music, hanging out with friends, going to high school football games, and most of all, I love to DANCE!!!
  • About dance: I've danced for 10 yrs. out of my total 15. I like ballet, jazz, street jazz, and impov dancing! I've taken tap, but i hated it.

    Movie: Monty Python and the Holy Grail or The Count of Monte Cristo
    Book: The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas
    Color: blue or red
    Type of dance: street jazz/hip hop
    Song: Crawling in the dark by Hoobastank
    Band: Lifehouse/Creed/Pink Floyd
    Sport: Dance!! :o)
    Subject: Spanish 3, It's pretty easy, and I love learning about different cultures
    TV show: The Simpsons ans Smallville
    Computer Game: The Sims- this is such a fun game!!
    Country: Canada and the USA
    Language: I'd have to say English. French is pretty, but if a guy started talking to me in french, I'd be a little wierded out!
    Fast food: Chick-fil-a !!!! Yummy chicken!
    Clothes store: Forever 21

    Teacher: Mrs. Mayeux- ARG!!!
    Subject: Math (blah!!)
    Singers: Brittney Spears and O Town- they are SO annoying!!
    Internet Service: AOL- It's a piece of crap and the only good thing is IM.
    Fast food: Mc Donalds- how did food that you don't even know what's in it become so popular? Chick-fil-a fries are SO much better and about 50 times healthier!!
    color scheme: orange, purple and green together
    Color car: sea-foam green- It's just a gross color!!
    Type of food: Sea food