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YAY! You get to find out about me!! Don't you feel special!! (I know I would! lol)

MY MOOD:The current mood of at
EATING:snack-size grham(spelling??) crackers
WHAT I WILL DO AFTER I GET OFF THE NET:Clean my room- we're putting our house up for sale tomorrow. :o(
IF TOMORROW WAS CHRISTMAS: Clothes from Charlotte Russe and Forever 21
WHO I AM THINKING ABOUT:More like a what. I'm wondering how I did on my Alg. II quiz today.
WHAT I WANT YOU TO VISIT ON MY SITE: My clique. It's called Don't Stop Dancing and I think it is a great song. If you want me to join your clique, please email me!! thank you!!
WHERE I WISH I WAS: With my grandma in Canada
LISTENING TO:Default "Faded" (great song :o) )
THE CURRENT MOOD OF THE INTERNET:The current mood of the Internet at