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My Original Forest Cheers

The one below won an award!! Go to my award page to see it! :o)
As Guenivere rides with Lancelot,
Through the forest so bright,
With flowers all around,
They cheer for everyone,
'Good Luck',
'Good Luck!'
They hand flowers to all
As a wish of love
And happiness
And cheerfulness
And most of all
They wish for everyone
To have a good time
In the fights and
Bring on the SPIRIT!!
Guenivere and Lancelot's Forest!!

SPIRIT is what I live for,
You know I'm gonna shout more!
Look at Lancelot,
See how he fought?
With grace and power,
He would shout from the top of a tower!
The trees would shake,
Trembling the lake,
Guenivere rose,
And felt through her toes,
the spirit of the Site Fights
and all Lancelot's might!

The spirit of the flowers
The spirit of the trees
The spirit of the horses
The spirit of the people
The spirit of the hummingbirds
The spirit of the panthers
In the forest the spirit comes together
To be one
Would you like to be a part of that?
You know what to do!!
Just shout it out
And you too will be one with the forest
And the SPIRIT of the Site Fights!!!

Little spirit fairies
I can see them giggling
All filled with joy
Why they are so happy?
I know!
They laugh and sing and dance
Because you like to shout it out!!!
So come on everybody
Shout aloud with happiness!!
Roar like the great Lancelot
And be like a queen like Guenivere
For they love to shout it out
The forest loves to shout it out
Don't you love to shout it out???

Spirit is what I have!
Spirit is what you want!
Spirit is in the Forest!
Shout out your spirit,
Yell it loud,
So I can hear,
Shout out your spirit! :::does several spirit jumps:::