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I support the following in The Site Fights!!

I visited these sites and liked them, so please vote for them so they can become Site Fights Champ! Don't forget to vote for me as well!! If you would like to VE with me, please sign the guestbook on my spirit page, and I will visit your site as soon as possible. :o) Note that I do not support blind voting!
Please vote for:

A Touch of Scottish
KatieBug's Spot on the Web
Zanthera's Shoppe
Many Faces of Camelot
Matt's Web
Clueless's Mythology Haven
Fairy Honey Dew's World
Kevin Smith: 1963 - 2002
Kristina's Children
Terror in America Memorial
Prince Darien's Palace
Poetry Haven
Magical Dreams
A Webby's Free Greeting Cards
Anne's Angel Place
Danielle's Favorite Things
Fantastic World of The Findlay
Fantasy's Shroud
United in Spirit
Andrea's Fantasy Gifts & Collectibles
Blue Rose Mist
Garden of Fire Flies
Genea's Furbys
Judy's Little Place
Pixie's Realm
R & A Bobwhite quails
Sonia Central