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I love different cultures and would LOVE to travel around the globe when I'm older. This is the main reason I want to be a part of the U.S. Embassy. It would be so cool! :o) Well, anyways, like I said, I love all the different things to see. Here are some of the things I really want to go to in my life. I'll try to get links for some of them when I can.

Mount Everest
This would be my ultimate vacation!! I think it would be very beautiful to stand beside this huge mountain. I don't think I could climb all the way up though. Base camp is fine with me lol! what a test of courage and heart. Just perfect!!

Stone Hedge
This place is so mysterious. I love mysteries. Do you think it's aliens that built it? I think it was one huge culture that traveled the world and hooked all the ancient civilations together. Watch the travel channel, you'll understand when you see the show. :o) hee hee! Well anyways, I love Europe!!! I wish I could go!