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I am fed up with expage, so I transferred my links to this page. I'm going to start Staring the really good ones, and put them at the top of the list. If you would like me to check out your page, please leave your name, email address and url in the g-book on the main page. I'd also like you to link me when I link you. Please specify in the g-book entry where to find it. Thankies!! If your site did not get the rating you wanted, please e-mail me and I will give you some suggestions!!! The listing within the categories are NOT in order from best to last or anything!!!
***TEN*** **Stars**!!!!
**Eight- Nine** **Stars***!!!
Sparklez Page-needs an update, but the b/gs are great!!

*Six- Seven**Stars***!!!!
23rd Psalm- Great site for Christians, has cliques for Christians, and plenty of reads!!
Lizzie McGuire- a VERY devoted fan who keeps you updated on the show and actors. Thanks for the award!!
Cuteness 2002 - Has lots of cute backgrounds and layouts, keeps you busy for a long time!
Pastel Princess Gurl- Has TONS of content, not all of it is the best it could be, but still very good!
Lise's Page- pretty cute, a bunch of content!
Tina's Page- I LOVE the tropical layout!!! I'ts so pretty! Lots of content, really worth looking at!

*Four- *Five* *Stars*!!!!
Vikki's Movie Reviews- Lots of good reviews, but you could go to a critic's page and get lots more. She put a lot of hard work into it though. Go see it!
Gubsters -Almost a six! Really unique ideas and content! I love the 'personality' subpage!!! A few more things and it will surely be a six! :o)
Cliquez 4 U-lots of cliques, but no image links available, all for expage.
Natalie's Sweet Angel Palace - cute, nice Christmas layout!
Three **Stars and below*!!!!
Amber Samantha -Just starting, so it's a great start, could use a little more content
Disco Dana -All shoutouts, get some better content. It's cool that you like to disco though :o)
Waiting to be rated: