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My SPIRIT Page!!

Hi! I'm part of the Site Fights, a website competition. Right now I'm in the Grand Finale of my team!!(yay!) This is my spirit page, I hope you like it a lot.Look at the words "spirit page" I love how it glows(lol)! Please vote for me! If you would like to VE, please e-mail me or leave a message in the guestbook at the bottom of this page! Thanks a lot! luv, Ashley

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You DON"T have to be a TSF member to vote, and you won't get any unwanted e-mail!
Don't forget that voting doesn't count on Saturdays and Sundays!!

Supporters ! Gifts ! Awards ! Charms ! Cheers

YAY!! I'm so happy!! I won Fairies Choice for DLoudest Cheer Award after my first week ever in TSF!! You can see my award and the winning cheer below :o)

As Guenivere rides with Lancelot,
Through the forest so bright,
With flowers all around,
They cheer for everyone,
'Good Luck',
'Good Luck!'
They hand flowers to all
As a wish of love
And happiness
And cheerfullness
And most of all
They wish for everyone
To have a good time
In the fights and
Bring on the SPIRIT!!

Guenivere and Lancelot's Forest!!

Dance! Dance! Dance!! Gooooo Guenivere and Lancelot's Forest!

I will fight for the Forest!
Jump up cheering!
I want to jump too!!

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